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IT Services Description


Our IT department  integrates a broad range of services and consulting capabilities to help your business realize the full value of information technology ; 

         System Management for Windows-based, Linux, Unix, AIX servers and desktop systems

         Network Service for VPN, firewall, configuration management, wireless networks to support corporate communication and data networks

         E-Business Integration Services including Web Application development for commercial and intranet websites and application management service

         Supply Chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service to collaborate with outside suppliers, distributors and customers to allow clients to reduce costs, inventory and shortages, and improve responsiveness and delivery.

         Security and privacy service that includes assessments and planning, architecture and design, implementation, and management 

         Outsourcing Services for application management services, system management service to reduce IT costs to provide the flexibility to transition and transform to the next generation of infrastructure and application. 


For more info, please contact info@samjungcpa.com or call 212-779-2410



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